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Hello everyone my name is Veronica currently living in New Jersey. I am a Journalist and teacher, graduated from Kean University. This blog is about helping working women dress stylish wearing trendy affordable clothes. I am wearing a polka dot blouse in blue with black pants and ankle booties.

I wear different Fashion styles depending on the place and time. For instance, when I was a student, I have to dress casual work outfits for class presentation it help me to look presentable and the way you dress talks about your personality. I will not wear jeans or sporty clothes for a presentation because it doesn’t look presentable. You want to look your best always in style.

We want to help you look elegant in style wearing affordable clothes. Beauty is part of Fashion as well it goes together. We will keep you update on Beauty products to take of your skin and glow. Healthy lifestyle articles to keep you in shape. Beauty inside and out.

Published by Vero Fashionista

Hello everyone, I am from New Jersey, the garden state. I went to Kean University earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. My favorite topic to write is Fashion, Beauty and Health. My favorite color is blue. I love everything that involves Art to me Fashion is how you express yourself wearing a chic outfit and feeling confident in your body.

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