Eating Healthy

Hello everyone we are approaching to Holiday seasons now. How can we prevent gaining extra weight on the holidays? in my own experience being a young adult and petite woman, I have to watch what I eat specially during these holidays. Sometimes is a little hard to say no to sugar foods. I love sweets but I do not eat them every day. I control these cravings by picking some berries or any fruit of your choice. It is important to eat fruits in your diet, I like eating fruits at the morning or afternoon snack. Studies have shown that just 7.5 grams of soludle fiber – which is found in fruit can decrease the rise in blood sugar after a meal by 25%.

Eating fruits and vegetables keeps you healthy specially if you want to lose some weight or maintained it. I follow the different colors of the nutritionist guide. Each color provides various health benefits and no one color is superior to another.

For instance on Monday I can do Red, it has nutrients that prevents some cancer, heart and lung disease. I will have red fruits and vegetables. I make a yogurt parfait with red berries for breakfast or snack. For dinner, I will include red peppers or red onions.

Tuesday – you can do orange and yellow, prevents heart disease. I will have banana or pineapple in my breakfast or snack. Dinner, I will cook a soup with pumpkin.

Wednesday and Saturday – Green color, there are so many green vegetables like spinach, avocados, asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, Kale, green tea, green herbs, rosemary and others. For breakfast, I will have a veggie egg omelet with avocados. Dinner, I make salmon with rosemary and asparagus as a side veggie.

Thursday – Blue and purple helps with anti-aging and support healthy heart by blocking the formation of blood clots. Breakfast – blueberries with granola bowl. A glass of red wine with dinner.

Friday – white and brown, garlic, mushrooms, onions and others. Breakfast, scramble eggs with onions. Dinner, I will have steak or chicken with mushrooms.

Sunday – any color fruit and vegetable mentioned above.

Other foods that stop my cravings for sugar of junk food its protein or energy balls gluten free, these are perfect for a healthy snack. Sometimes I do a green juice before breakfast. I do not believe people have to starve or follow strict diets not supporting food benefits. In my opinion, mother nature offers all these beautiful food for our benefit, stay safe everyone enjoy the season. Thank you for reading and support my blog.

Published by Vero Fashionista

Hello everyone, I am from New Jersey, the garden state. I went to Kean University earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. My favorite topic to write is Fashion, Beauty and Health. My favorite color is blue. I love everything that involves Art to me Fashion is how you express yourself wearing a chic outfit and feeling confident in your body.

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