Hand Care: Healthy and Beautiful hands

We have seen many advertisement on washing hands constantly to avoid the spread of germs during this pandemic. It is important to wash up hands however if you do not take of your hands it will end up cracking, cutting and bleeding specially now in the winter season.

Dermatologist advise people to pick the right hand wash and creams. There are some hand wash in the market with ingredients like olive oil, aloe Vera and vitamin E these are essential for your hands. If you have dry hands, you can try Dove foaming and Almond milk foaming hand wash. This wash contains glycerin and stearic acid it will leave your hands smooth and clean. There are others in the market just look for the right ingredients.

After washing hands apply hand cream dermatologist recommend ingredients like petrolatum, water and glycerin. Gold Bond Ultimate healing hand cream it leaves your hands looking youthful and healthy. I have been using this cream for a while now it really works, it does not leave skin greasy.

Wear plastic gloves before doing dishes or cleaning. If you are allergic to latex you can buy latex free gloves. I like Mr. Clean and Playtex gloves. Stay safe and healthy.

Published by Vero Fashionista

Hello everyone, I am from New Jersey, the garden state. I went to Kean University earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. My favorite topic to write is Fashion, Beauty and Health. My favorite color is blue. I love everything that involves Art to me Fashion is how you express yourself wearing a chic outfit and feeling confident in your body.

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