Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Style 2021

About a month ago Jessica Parker announced the return of Sex and the City. She plays Carrie the protagonist of the romantic comedy series. The first thing that came to mind was the fashion styles well known by Patricia field. She is the costume Designer. The tv show brings Fashion into life every character have their own style defining a personality. I cannot wait to see Carrie Bradshaw’s style for season 7. In the meantime we can play a bit with new fashion ideas and trends.

Carry wears a sexy and vintage style from New York. She is a famous writer. She is well known for her elegance fashionista styles. The Spring/Summer Fashion 2021 bring some lavender into life with a delicate touch and sophisticated from Designer Elizabeth Franchi. Dolce and Gabbana brings a combination of polka dots, stripe and flowers original and different.

These lavender color is calming ideal for the day and afternoon. The shimmering lavender dress can be wear with sandals as well.

These styles are colorful for the summer it has the NYC vibe ideal for Carrie. This dress will look perfect for her since she is an artist so original.

This peach color combined with red is one trend for the summer. Print flowers top and loose pants light and perfect for a warm day. Thank you all for the support be safe. Share and like this page. Follow our community to read free articles.

Published by Vero Fashionista

Hello everyone, I am from New Jersey, the garden state. I went to Kean University earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. My favorite topic to write is Fashion, Beauty and Health. My favorite color is blue. I love everything that involves Art to me Fashion is how you express yourself wearing a chic outfit and feeling confident in your body.

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