Pink – Beauty products

Hello everyone Pink beauty release a new tropical collection. These products are amazing, they have different aromas water, Bronzed coconut, sunset sorbet, and others . These tropical ingredients will take you to a nice warm summer day by the ocean. Ladies if you are into coconut then Bronzed Coconut is for you. I love coconut creams by the benefits its promote for a healthy skin.

Bestselling Bronzed Coconut body lotion – this product will leave your hands soft with a toasted coconut aroma. It has essential oils for your skin. Ideal for the summer time, is not greasy on skin, soft formula.

Coco scrub – this scrub is perfect to exfoliate hand and body. Dermatologist tested. Not recommended for face. Tip: you can apply the scrub before a manicure for soft hands.

Paradise Body Mist with essential oils – this warm & cozy collection is perfect for the summer. A combination of soft vanilla, toasted coconut and passion fruit. They have the regular mist and shimmering. Made with essential oils such as glycerin, citrus, aloe, chamomile. A nice warm aroma for the spring and summer. I like wearing the shimmering for late afternoon and evening. If you have a party to attend splash some shimmering on you for an extra glow.

Published by Vero Fashionista

Hello everyone, I am from New Jersey, the garden state. I went to Kean University earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. My favorite topic to write is Fashion, Beauty and Health. My favorite color is blue. I love everything that involves Art to me Fashion is how you express yourself wearing a chic outfit and feeling confident in your body.

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