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Hello friends I made empanadas the other day. I shared the pictures in social media promised to share this recipe. This food can be serve as an appetizer for your holiday party. Easy and affordable. I love empanadas with coffee on the evening time. You can make this empanadas a night before and fry itContinue reading “Empanadas”

Beauty face mask

Hello I hope everyone had an amazing time on Thanksgiving. Today I decided to stay home for the afternoon and take some time for me. I have been trying new beauty products for my face and neck. I washed my face with water first in the morning no soap. I have been doing the faceContinue reading “Beauty face mask”

My Summer Outfits

Hello hope everyone are enjoying the rest of summer. Summer its my favorite season which is why I have been out for a while. I wanted to enjoy this season and every place of it. These are some of the outfits I have been wearing this summer. One of the stores I like shopping isContinue reading “My Summer Outfits”


Hello friends I am back again with some news post this time I wanted to write about my lifestyle. I have been walking at the park this is my routine to keep myself healthy. Cardio-Walking yes I enjoy walking surrounded by nature. I go to a big park in my area it’s beautiful. I walkContinue reading “Cardio-Walking”

A dress for Spring

Hello hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. I found this pretty dress at the Mall. It’s a flower print dress with daisies. The flowers are white and beige. You can wear this dress for afternoon and evening. Combined this dress with a brown belt and hat. I also found a short sleeve sweater inContinue reading “A dress for Spring”

Pink – Beauty products

Hello everyone Pink beauty release a new tropical collection. These products are amazing, they have different aromas water, Bronzed coconut, sunset sorbet, and others . These tropical ingredients will take you to a nice warm summer day by the ocean. Ladies if you are into coconut then Bronzed Coconut is for you. I love coconutContinue reading “Pink – Beauty products”

Iaso Tea

Hi hope everyone is doing good. These past days I have been drinking “Laso Tea” its a vegan product it helps to detox the body and lose weight. I received some samples from my friend, I got 4 samples, took one per day. It’s recommended to take it 30 minutes before meals to control hunger.Continue reading “Iaso Tea”


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