Tori Belle Cosmetics-Lashes

Hello everyone I am back again after Spring Break. I have exciting news a company name Tori Belle asked me to join the team. This is a new company they first launch their products last year. These products are easy to apply, long wearing and travel ready. I love the ingredients it’s hypoallergenic, sustainable, andContinue reading “Tori Belle Cosmetics-Lashes”

Pink – Beauty products

Hello everyone Pink beauty release a new tropical collection. These products are amazing, they have different aromas water, Bronzed coconut, sunset sorbet, and others . These tropical ingredients will take you to a nice warm summer day by the ocean. Ladies if you are into coconut then Bronzed Coconut is for you. I love coconutContinue reading “Pink – Beauty products”

Hand Care: Healthy and Beautiful hands

We have seen many advertisement on washing hands constantly to avoid the spread of germs during this pandemic. It is important to wash up hands however if you do not take of your hands it will end up cracking, cutting and bleeding specially now in the winter season. Dermatologist advise people to pick the rightContinue reading “Hand Care: Healthy and Beautiful hands”