My Favorite Holiday

Hello friends hope everyone is doing well during this holiday season. My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know Thanksgiving already pass it was nice to spend some time with family. Christmas is coming soon, love this season when you make special memories with family. This time I will spend Christmas with my family. Last year I stay home with my son.

One of the beautiful memories I have from my childhood its spending this holiday with family. At the time I live with my dad’s family side in Ecuador. I was about 12 years old, grandma used to fixed the Christmas tree with our help. She used this wood center table as a base. The tree looks enormous to me. Every year I fix my Christmas tree and remember those moments we had. The ornaments were different every year. We are Catholics for us the tree is a tradition.

The dinning table this was a big deal. I just love when they fixed the table with decorations. They used to decorate with candles, gold utensils and glasses . The best part was dinner grandma cooked turkey, potatoes salad and rice. They also made tamales with a filling of chicken and others with pork. There were three women cooking these meals for 8 people.

Over the last years living in Jersey my Christmas is different. I celebrate with my family living here. I set up my tree last Saturday with my son’s help it was fun. Our dinner schedule is different we have dinner on Holy night Dec. 24 mom likes to cook turkey or chicken. The next day we serve hot chocolate made with Ecuadorian cocoa with bread. We open the gifts on Dec 25 at 12:00 a.m.

We usually buy gifts for children first and then adults. We have until Dec 6 to buy gifts in our family. I usually ask my son what is on his list. I already have the gift for one child and one adult. I like shopping during the week less crowded. At church we do secret Santa the past years, every family picks a child and bring a gift before Christmas except for last year. Thank you all for supporting my page. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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