Beauty face mask

Hello I hope everyone had an amazing time on Thanksgiving. Today I decided to stay home for the afternoon and take some time for me. I have been trying new beauty products for my face and neck. I washed my face with water first in the morning no soap.

I have been doing the face mask from this brand called “avatara”. The first mask I tried its “Bee my Honey” this product is packed with ingredients like water/aqua, Glycerin, and others. It’s a nourishing honey mask for your skin. It’s suitable for sensitive and oil skin as well. Free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, and others. I love this product it leaves skin soft and radiant. You can apply this mask 1-3 times a week.

The second mask I am trying right now is “Juicy Avobravo” it’s a soothing avocado mask. Again I wash my face first and then apply the beauty mask. I applied the mask and the rest in neck and hands. You leave the mask for 10-20 minutes. I like to wait for 20 minutes.

I love these beauty mask its affordable for $8.99 only. Planning on buying more of this five star product.


My Summer Outfits

Hello hope everyone are enjoying the rest of summer. Summer its my favorite season which is why I have been out for a while. I wanted to enjoy this season and every place of it. These are some of the outfits I have been wearing this summer. One of the stores I like shopping is Guess, Old navy and others.

This skirt its from Guess store, the blouse its from NY & Company. I am wearing earrings and bracelet from Guess as well. This summer makeup is perfect with this outfit since we want to wear light color for day time summer.

These sporty outfits are from old navy perfect for a workout at the park by the lake. The shorts are up to the knee with packets on the side for your phone in aqua blue. The tops are soft material and lightweight.

I wore this outfit for the 4th of July. I like the pineapples print on the navy blue blouse and light beige skirt. This outfit was from Ann Taylor Loft. Bracelet is from Windsor. Shoes – Michael Kors, sandals or platforms in light brown and light pink nude.

Thank you all for reading my blog enjoy the rest of the summer stay safe =)


Hello friends I made empanadas the other day. I shared the pictures in social media promised to share this recipe. This food can be serve as an appetizer for your holiday party. Easy and affordable. I love empanadas with coffee on the evening time. You can make this empanadas a night before and fry it the next day.

Cheese Empanadas


1 pack of fry empanada disc

2 slides of green onions

1 pack mozzarella cheese

one egg

canola oil

Preparation: First I like to cut the onions in small square. You can also shred the cheese if you prefer. I beat one egg with a fork. The disc have to be in room temperature you may want to leave the disc out in the refrigerator the night before. Second, Fill in the disc with onions and cheese, then close the disc with a fork. Last shower the disc with egg use a brush. This will help the flour to fry even. In a pan place oil to heat in medium be generous on the oil enough to cover the pastry. when the empanada gets golden color turn the other side. Place a bounty paper in a plate. Once the empanada is ready let it rest in the plate. The paper will absorb the oil before serving. This serves 10 people. I usually serve two empanadas per person.

Guava and cheese

1 pack of guava

To make guava and cheese empanadas follow the same steps above except the onions. I like to cut the guava in small squares, some people mix it with cream cheese. I prefer mozzarella cheese. If you ever try empanadas let me know your comments xoxo


Hello friends I am back again with some news post this time I wanted to write about my lifestyle. I have been walking at the park this is my routine to keep myself healthy. Cardio-Walking yes I enjoy walking surrounded by nature. I go to a big park in my area it’s beautiful. I walk for 30m to an hour. I take one bottle of water to sip whenever I feel thirsty.

This workout is beneficial to people because it lowers high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, increase metabolism, it helps to lose weight, improves your mood. After my hour of walking I feel like a new Vero, a better version of me. This past week I walk early afternoon and I loved it. Some people like walking early morning. I like walking when the sun is shining for vitamin D.

I walked 4-5 times a week after work. Now that school closed for summer break. I will walk somedays early morning and afternoon. We have diabetes running in our family so I have to control my sugar intake. Walking has help me to avoid getting diabetes. I walk in a fast pace as well, stretch legs before and after walking. I listen to some good music. Move your body by Sia =)

Thank you for reading this article stay healthy and safe.

A dress for Spring

Hello hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather. I found this pretty dress at the Mall. It’s a flower print dress with daisies. The flowers are white and beige. You can wear this dress for afternoon and evening. Combined this dress with a brown belt and hat. I also found a short sleeve sweater in lavender color so pretty.

This dress can be wear with clear sandals. This type of sandals have diamonds on the heels. I am not wearing any necklace since the shoes have jewels.

Dress and belt by Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes by Easy Pickings.

Hat by Forever 21, jewelry by Guess.

Style and Makeup by Veronica

Makeup: Magnetic lashes, Ladies Night. Eyeliner and eyebrows by Tori Belle cosmetics.

Tori Belle Cosmetics-Lashes

Hello everyone I am back again after Spring Break. I have exciting news a company name Tori Belle asked me to join the team. This is a new company they first launch their products last year. These products are easy to apply, long wearing and travel ready. I love the ingredients it’s hypoallergenic, sustainable, and luxurious.

Laura Hunter is the inventor of magnetic eyeliner and founder of this company. She created a product where the lashes will have long lasting results for women.

The fist lashes I tried was Mystic lashes from the Illusion collection. I like these lashes because it can be wear daily. It gives you a natural and light glam. It comes with 2 pair of lashes. These lashes can be used for 22 times or more. I order the magnetic mascara and eyeliner two products in one.

After some days I order lashes with more glam. Decided to go for Ladies night Lashes. These are beautiful, longer and luxuries. Love these lashes, natural looking, sassy and powerful. Ladies you need to try these lashes. These are perfect for the evening time when going to a date, party or special occasions. I also order “The Works” makeup for eyebrow, eyeliner and waterline liner, all in one.

To order your lashes Ladies click on the page, these will be perfect for Mother’s Day =). Thank you for reading my blog xoxo.


Pink – Beauty products

Hello everyone Pink beauty release a new tropical collection. These products are amazing, they have different aromas water, Bronzed coconut, sunset sorbet, and others . These tropical ingredients will take you to a nice warm summer day by the ocean. Ladies if you are into coconut then Bronzed Coconut is for you. I love coconut creams by the benefits its promote for a healthy skin.

Bestselling Bronzed Coconut body lotion – this product will leave your hands soft with a toasted coconut aroma. It has essential oils for your skin. Ideal for the summer time, is not greasy on skin, soft formula.

Coco scrub – this scrub is perfect to exfoliate hand and body. Dermatologist tested. Not recommended for face. Tip: you can apply the scrub before a manicure for soft hands.

Paradise Body Mist with essential oils – this warm & cozy collection is perfect for the summer. A combination of soft vanilla, toasted coconut and passion fruit. They have the regular mist and shimmering. Made with essential oils such as glycerin, citrus, aloe, chamomile. A nice warm aroma for the spring and summer. I like wearing the shimmering for late afternoon and evening. If you have a party to attend splash some shimmering on you for an extra glow.

Iaso Tea

Hi hope everyone is doing good. These past days I have been drinking “Laso Tea” its a vegan product it helps to detox the body and lose weight. I received some samples from my friend, I got 4 samples, took one per day. It’s recommended to take it 30 minutes before meals to control hunger. These are the ingredients:

  • Soluble Fiber Dextrin
  • Cassia Angustifolia Extract
  • Carica Papaya Extract
  • Matricaria Chamomilla Extra

This tea increases daily energy. I took the regular but they have some tea with flavors. It also helps to detox the body to improve a healthy gut. After my meal I felt pretty full it help to sleep at night as well. I will order the month package and tell you more about it.

Today I did not eat breakfast had a busy morning. I had some water only. Snack, green juice made it with spinach, green apple, cucumber and ginger plus a little water if you have coconut water is better. For lunch I had lentils and veggies soup cook with beef. (I only had the soup not the beef).

Thank you all for supporting my blog please share with a friend. Stay safe and healthy =)

Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Style 2021

About a month ago Jessica Parker announced the return of Sex and the City. She plays Carrie the protagonist of the romantic comedy series. The first thing that came to mind was the fashion styles well known by Patricia field. She is the costume Designer. The tv show brings Fashion into life every character have their own style defining a personality. I cannot wait to see Carrie Bradshaw’s style for season 7. In the meantime we can play a bit with new fashion ideas and trends.

Carry wears a sexy and vintage style from New York. She is a famous writer. She is well known for her elegance fashionista styles. The Spring/Summer Fashion 2021 bring some lavender into life with a delicate touch and sophisticated from Designer Elizabeth Franchi. Dolce and Gabbana brings a combination of polka dots, stripe and flowers original and different.

These lavender color is calming ideal for the day and afternoon. The shimmering lavender dress can be wear with sandals as well.

These styles are colorful for the summer it has the NYC vibe ideal for Carrie. This dress will look perfect for her since she is an artist so original.

This peach color combined with red is one trend for the summer. Print flowers top and loose pants light and perfect for a warm day. Thank you all for the support be safe. Share and like this page. Follow our community to read free articles.

Healthy Food: Spaghetti with Turkey


1 pound spaghetti

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 enveloped sazon Goya achiote

1/2 Spanish onion, chopped

1/2 red pepper, chopped

1 1/2 tomatoes, chopped

One pack of ground lean turkey

2 turkey smoked sausage

2 carrots

1 celery


black pepper


1. Cooked the spaghetti pasta with salt and water. Boil medium heat until pasta is ready.

2. Cooked the onions, peppers and tomatoes with olive oil, medium heat. Seasoning the turkey with salt and black pepper. Add the turkey and turkey smoked sausage in the pan.

3. Mix the carrots and celery in a blender with some water. This will be the sauce for the turkey. Finally mix everything let it cook for 15m. Add olive oil to spaghetti and butter before serving. This recipe feeds 4 people. It takes 30-40 minutes to cook. Easy and quick. Enjoy everyone.

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